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    1075 SCARPRO

    • Interchangeable projector front end plate and SCAR collimator
    • Field mode changeable
    • Precision machined stainless steel body
    • Compact, ergonomic jacket
    • Light weight
    • Tungsten shield
    • ISO 3999 compliant
    • Utilizes standard 880 controls and guide tubes
  • 880

    880 Delta Source Projector

    Model 880 series source projectors are used for industrial applications of gamma radiography to inspect materials and structures in the density range of approximately 2.71 g/cm through 8.53 g/cm.

    SENTINEL Model 880 Delta, 880 Elite, and 880 Omega source projectors are portable, lightweight and compact industrial radiographic exposure devices. The patented device body consists of a titanium ‘S’ tube and cast depleted uranium (DU) shield contained within a 300 series stainless steel tube with stainless steel discs welded at each end forming a cylinder shaped housing. The discs are recessed to provide protection for the rear mounted locking mechanism and front mounted outlet port.

    The horizontally oriented design allows the locking mechanism, source assembly connector and outlet port to be easily operated, simplifying connection of source guide tubes and remote controls.


  • 959_m_new

    959M Scar Projector

    • Allows for 24 Hour radiography
    • Highly directional beam
    • Reduces radiation dose
    • Sealed source does not leave the device during exposures
    • No flash dose during exposure or retraction of sealed source
    • More production time for all trades
    • Locks to prevent unauthorized operation
    • Inspection through insulation for corrosion


  • babyscar

    989 Baby Scar Projector

    • Uses 75Selenium™ (20 Ci Max)
    • Directional Beam Device
    • Small and Lightweight
    • Tungsten and Lead Shielding
    • Hand crank or pneumatic actuator operation.


  • AS414

    Advanscan AS-414

    • Clarity
    • Versatility
    • Performance
  • AS414 PRO 13-10-2015

    Advanscan AS-414 PRO

    • TOFD
    • Feature Packed
    • Unmatched Performance
  • ASM-10R


    • Measures Gamma & x-Rays
    • Separate(Dual) GM tubes, for low & high range
    • Compact, Elegant & Light Weight
    • Low Battery Life
    • Ideal for NDT & Lab use
    • Robust Construction
    • Accuracy ± 10 %
  • DZM-100


    • Sturdy, Stand alone or Wall mounted
    • User selectable alarm threshold
    • Remote, Real-time monitoring of up to 200 instruments
    • Large LED Display viewable from long distance
  • ball-pins


    • 100% crack detection on ball joints / push rods.
    • Simultaneous testing of several zones with one or more eddy current probes.
    • Test performance approx. 600 -1,800 parts per hour.
    • Modular system concept for optimum adaptation to the respective requirements profile.
    • Automatic sorting in two groups “OK” and “NOK”.
    • Optional graphical results display on the system monitor.
    • Documentation of the results.
  • bar-testing


    Dia Range : 10 to 100 mm
    Length : 2 to 12 mtr
    Material : Steel

    Test Task:

    • 0.5mm to 2 mm Side Drill Hole at various depth
    • 0.8 mm to 3 mm Flat Bottom Hole
  • bar-testing


    • 1000 to 6000 Amps AC/HWDC output
    • Suitable for inspecting bars up to 11 mtrs long.
    • Suitable for bar inspection from 6 mm to 80 mm diameter.
    • Stepless Thyristorised current control.
    • Airy darkroom suitable for inspection in summer condition.
    • Available in standard as well as customized models.
    • Designed and developed as per the specifications of clients.
    • Pneumatic clamping with adjustable distance can be provided.
  • bl-100f

    BL 100F Ultra Violet Black Light

    • Optimum Performance with Koop Glass Filter
    • Non Heating, Easy to Handle & House.
    • Safety Bezel prevents accidental damage to filter & bulb.
    • Tough aluminum housing for rugged use.
    • Comfortable grip with concealed cable connection.
    • Optional built-in silent fan for forced cooling.