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Eddy Current Testing Applications

  • ball-pins


    • 100% crack detection on ball joints / push rods.
    • Simultaneous testing of several zones with one or more eddy current probes.
    • Test performance approx. 600 -1,800 parts per hour.
    • Modular system concept for optimum adaptation to the respective requirements profile.
    • Automatic sorting in two groups “OK” and “NOK”.
    • Optional graphical results display on the system monitor.
    • Documentation of the results.
  • camshaft-tester


    • Completely automated 100% inspection for surface cracks.
    • Scanning of the complete cam contact surface and all bearing seats with rotating camshaft.
    • Simultaneous inspection of cams and bearing seats.
    • Alternatively, testing of individual cams on contact surface and face.
    • Optional hardness testing.
    • Documentation of the results.
  • wheel-hub-tester


    • Completely automated 100% crack detection.
    • Testing of the complete external contour with NC-controlled eddy current probes.
    • Combined use of movable and rotating eddy current probes.
    • Tandem testing station with two testing stations installed in parallel.
    • Test performance approx. 240 parts per hour.
    • Automatic sorting in two groups “OK” and “NOK” with optional display of the defective test zone.
    • Documentation of the results.
  • brake-disc-tester


    • Completely automated 100% crack detection testing in the production line.
    • Simultaneous testing of defined zones of the braking surface and bolting surface, in each case on the outside and inside of the brake disc.
    • Testing performance approx. 240 parts per hour.
    • Testing station can be re-equipped for different brake disc types.
    • Optional measurement of relevant geometric data.
    • Automatic sorting in two groups “OK” and “NOK”.
    • Documentation of the test results.