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Component Testing System & Equipments

  • statograph-ds


    • Eddy current testing system subject to EN 12084 with digital systems technology. For automatic, high resolution, multi-channel online flaw testing components of automotive and machine industry.
    • Universal testing system, adaptable for individual applications and requirements.
    • Real-time visualization of the test process with original signal display.
    • Comprehensive test documentation for each component and each flaw.
    • Continuous monitoring of operating safety.
    • Clearance compensation with automated adjustment.
  • statograph-ecm


    • Low-cost eddy-current module for non-destructive flaw testing.
    • Processor-controlled compact unit.
    • Simple operation.
    • Test pieces sorted into two groups: o.k. / n.o.k.
    • One-dimensional display of measured value by LED bar graph.
    • Key-operated switch for locking operating functions.
  • probes


    • Probes for non-destructive crack detection using eddy current.
    • Individual probes for permanent installation in a testing station.
    • Scanning a testing track which is produced either by moving the test item or by moving the probe.
    • Different designs: round, flat, angled.
    • Individually adapted special probes.
    • Diverse rotating heads with adapted rotating probes.