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Eddy Current Portable Equipments

  • defectometer


    • High detection sensitivity to surface flaws (even underneath paint)
    • Simple, microprocessor-controlled operation
    • Automatic lift-off and zero compensation
    • Several alternatives for signal display
    • Integrated crack standards (optional)
    • Comprehensive range of test probes
    • Two alarm thresholds
    • External control through PC or PLC systems
    • Modern capabilities for test documentation to printer and PC via RS232 serial interface
    • Fully compatible with all predecessor instruments and existing probe
  • magnetoscop


    • Compact, lightweight measuring instrument
    • 3,5“ color screen
    • Clear menu structure for operator guidance
    • Data logging function
    • Connection of 1-axis-magnetic field sensor, 3-axis-magnetic field sensors as an option
    • Connection of permeability probes
    • Trigger input
    • Temperature measuring channel
    • USB, mini USB and SD card interfaces
    • Power supply by batteries, battery pack or mains adapter



    • Long term monitoring of magnetic environmental conditions, e.g. prior to installation of magnetic sensitive devices e.g. MRI systems
    • Testing of feebly magnetic materials and machined components for magnetic remanence
    • Detection of ferrous inclusions in austenitic steels and nonferrous alloys
    • Determination of relative magnetic permeability as part of the quality inspection for austenitic steels and
    • nonmagnetic alloys
    • Verify material changes caused by high temperature, corrosion, coating reduction or micro structural alteration by permeability comparative measurement
  • sigmatest


    • Portable eddy current test instrument for measurement of electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals
    • Determining physical and technological material properties
    • Monitoring the condition of highly stressed parts
    • Material-mix testing
    • Sorting of metals and alloys
    • Scrap sorting
    • In-process inspection in industrial, metallurgical and metalworking plants
    • Quality control inspection
    • Aircraft maintenance inspection
    • Determination of heat damage
    • Verification of the age-hardening condition of aluminum used in aircraft construction