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Magnetic Particle Testing Equipments

  • dry-powder


    MPI Consumables

    • Economical for use.
    • Less effect on skin.
    • Suitable for smooth & rough surfaces.
    • Sensitive for hairline cracks.
    • Excellent wetting characteristics.
    • Available in small and convenient packing.


    Dry Powders

    • Model DP-B Black color magnetic powders for dry application. 1Kg.
    • Model DP-R Red color magnetic powders for dry application.


    Water Based powders

    • Model WP-B Water based wet application Black color magnetic powder 500 g.
    • Model FP-W Water based wet application Fluorescent magnetic powder 500g.


    Oil Based Powders

    • Model OP-R oil Based wet application Red color magnetic powder 250g.
    • Model OP-B oil Based wet application Black color nagnetic powder 250 g.
    • Model FP-OS oil Based wet application Fluorescent powder for smooth surface 500 g.
    • Model FP-OC oil Based wet application Fluorescent powder for rough surface 500 g.


    Test Blocks

    • Model BTP BHEL test block for prod technique.
    • Model YTP Test Block for yoke technique.
    • Model ATP Test Blocks for yoke technique as per ASTM.
    • Model MTU-No3 test block as per ISO 9934.
    • Pie Field Indicator as per ASTM E-709.
    • Ketos test ring.
  • py1-mpi


    PY­1 Permanent Magnetic Yoke:

    • For magnetic particle inspection applications as per various international specifications such as ASTM E 709, ASTM E 1444, ASME Sec V, ASME Sec 7, MIL­STD­1949.
    • Rugged construction for reliable magnetic inspection.
    • Light Weight: Weighs only 400 Grams.
    • Requires no mains electric supply.
    • Easy to use, Simple and highly economical as it requires no power.
    • Lifting Capacity: 18 Kg at 100 mm pole spacing.
    • Capable of Testing with both Dry and Wet method of Powder applications.
    • Ideal Inspection tool for Petrochemical Industries, Chemical Industries.
  • py2-mpi


    • Meets International Standards’s ASME SEC V ART 7, BS6072­1981, MIL­STD­271F(SH) for Magnetic Particle Inspection application.
    • Rugged Construction for Reliable Magnetic Inspection.
    • Easy to use, Simple & Highly Economical.
    • No power requirements.
    • Lifting Capacity: Above 18 Kg, At 100mm pole spacing.
    • Suitable for both Dry & Wet applications.
    • Ideal in Petrochemical, Off Shore, Chemical Industries, etc.
    • Small, Reliable & Strong Magnet with no requirement of Re­magnetisation.
    • Durable and for long life use.
  • vertical-bench-unit

    Vertical Bench Unit

    • Suitable for inspection of Aeronautical heavy duty circular component such as Bevel Gears, Flange Rings, Hubs & Discs.
    • Non Contact magnetization, therefore finished component can be tested.
    • Output 8000 Amps FWDC & 5000 Amps AC
    • Circular, Radial & Longitudinal Magnetizing.
    • Multi Directional magnetizing using a central conductor and induced current magnetizing.
    • Rotary Turn Table for ease of inspection.
    • Maximum diameter of component can be 1000 mm. Weight up to 100 Kg.
    • Center conductor with pneumatic clamping for firm Electrical contact.
    • Available in standard as well as customized models.
    • Designed and developed as per the specifications of clients.