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NDT Products & Testing Equipments


  • eddyassist-software


    • Compact version for multi-channel nondestructive testing, based on MAGNATEST® ECM 3.621 and STATOGRAPH® ECM 6.421
    • Integrated ideal solution, consisting of test instrument, panel PC with Windows® operating system, and application software eddy-Assist
    • Industrially approved construction in 19″ cabinet with climate control unit
    • Comfortable setting of test and installation parameters
    • Online visualization of test signals
    • Wizards for installation and optimization
    • Loading and storing of instrument settings from/to mass storage
    • Test protocols
  • horizontal-bench-type


    • Contact shot for Circular magnetization & Coil shot for longitudinal magnetization of parts.
    • 3000 Amps. AC & 3000 Amps FWDC, 4500 Amps. AC & 5000 Amps FWDC, 6000 Amps. AC & 6000 Amps FWDC, 8000 Amps. AC & 8000 Amps FWDC.
    • Fabricated Frame (M.S.) with splash guard & wood grill assembly.
    • Stainless Steel circulation tank of SS-304 Grade Material with Turbulence agitation system, Mono-Block Pump and Hand Nozzle.
    • Rugged construction for reliable magnetic inspection. In-built power source with infinitely variable self-regulating current control.
    • 5 turn 300-mm. dia base mounted coil.
    • Pneumatically operated headstock with foot switch (100mm stroke length) & rail mounted hand-operated tailstock, both with steady rest for heavy job handling.
    • Analog Ammeters with calibration facility.
    • Control Panel with push bar assembly.
    • In-built AC decay Demagnetization facility.
    • Black color Inspection hood of resin for Fluorescent wet particle inspection of jobs under ultraviolet lights.
    • AC/FWDC changeover by Selector Switch.
    • Magnetization Time controlled by Logic Control PCB.
    • Current assurance indicator with audiovisual facility.
  • ef-2000

    EECIFLUX Portable Unit (EF- 1500 , EF 2000)

    • Heavy duty cycle : 2 min.On & 2 Min Off.
    • AC and HWDC output
    • Available in 1500 and 2000 Amps rating Models.
    • Equipped with Thermal Overload relay to prevent failures of components.
    • Thyristorised sleepless solid-state current control.
    • Quick disconnect type of prod connections
    • Rugged construction for reliable magnetic inspection.
    • Compact, Lightweight and Portable.
    • Can detect surface as well as sub-surface defects.
    • Equipment is built standard for continuous inspection.
    • Optional, Auto A.C.Demagnetisation Control.
  • ef1-bettert-power-yoke

    EF-1Y: Battery Powered Yoke

    • DC Magnetisation operated on rechargeable battery.
    • No mains supply required.
    • Portable for magnetic particle inspection.
    • Can be used for in-plant structures as well as field work.
    • Battery pack housed in case with shoulder strap, battery charger & yoke carrying bag are provided.
    • Complies with various international specifications.
    • Battery is suitable for high ambient temperature.
    • Articulating and double jointed legs contour easily to any shape to assure good contact.
    • Operating Voltage – 12V DC
  • ef-2y-magnetic-yoke

    EF-2Y / EF-3Y: AC / HWDC Dual Magnetization Yoke

    • Delivers AC and HWDC for surface or sub surface flaw detection.
    • Articulating and double jointed legs contour easily to any shape to assure good contact.
    • Handy and light weight
    • Safe for operators.
    • Strong and rugged construction.
    • Sensitive for sub-surface cracks.
    • Built standard for continuous inspection.
    • Operation Voltage – 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase (EF-2y)
    • Operation Voltage – 110 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase (EF-3y)
  • ef-4y-mains-ac-yoke

    EF-4Y / EF-5Y : Mains Operated AC Yoke

    • Handy and Light Weight (Weighs only 3 kg.)
    • Articulated legs with 25 x 25 mm pole area.
    • Exceeds specific lift weight requirements.
    • Safe for operators
    • Strong and rugged construction.
    • Suitable to use in all type of industries.
    • Operation Voltage – 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase (EF-4y)
    • Operation Voltage – 110 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase (EF-5y)
  • ETM 3 DL-resize

    ETM 3 & ETM 3DL

    • Dual, Single, Delay line Transducers
    • Measuring Range 0.8mm to 499mm
    • Large LCD display with Back Light
    • Raw material, Finished Components, Shop Floor, Laboratory, Site.
    • Alarm mode and differential mode
  • ETM2_NEW-resize


    • Sealed Touch Key Pad
    • Auto Calibration For Mild Steel
    • Big LCD Display
    • V­ Path Corrected For High Accuracy
    • Long Working, with ‘AA’ size cells
    • Wide Range of Probes
    • Small Pocket Size
    • Metric English Conversion
    • Micro Processor Based
    • Surface Mount Device Technology
    • Stable, Repeatable & Accurate
  • IRIDIUM – 192

    Iridium-192 sources are constructed using iridium metal discs or pellets of uniform size in a welded stainless steel capsule.

  • l-saw-pipe


    Dia Range : 16″ to 120″
    Wall Thickness : 6 – 30mm
    Length : 6 – 14 m
    Material : Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
    Test Speed : 12 m / min

    Test Task

    • Weld, HAZ & Pipe body inspection
    • API, Shell, Aramco & other similar specifications
    • Test mode, I, X, Oblique, Tandem, On-bead, HAZ
  • long-stem-tulip-testing


    Job Description
    Material : Long Stem Tulip, Type XC35 , XC45 & S48C
    Diameter : 33 MM
    Length : 300 TO 600 MM

    Test Task

    • To test the weld of the Long Stem Tulip , Flaw size typically of 2 mm deep, 0.7 mm width and 25 mm length near the weld area & 2 mm SDL at weld area.
  • magnatest-d

    Magnatest D

    • Processor controlled test system for manual or automatic magneto-inductive nondestructive materials testing.
    • Single-coil absolute operating mode; therefore no compensation coil required;adapter for two-coil differential mode available.
    • Constant excitation current; therefore defined magnetic field over the whole test.
    • High output current amplitude; therefore stimulation of higher harmonics and particularly high sensitivity for the magnetic properties of the test sample.
    • Single frequency or multi-frequency testing, evaluation of higher harmonics.
      Simple operators interface thanks to application specific function keys and highresolution TFT color display.
    • Standard interfaces for peripheral devices. (keyboard, mouse, printer, network, etc.)