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NDT Products & Testing Equipments


  • sigmatest


    • Portable eddy current test instrument for measurement of electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals
    • Determining physical and technological material properties
    • Monitoring the condition of highly stressed parts
    • Material-mix testing
    • Sorting of metals and alloys
    • Scrap sorting
    • In-process inspection in industrial, metallurgical and metalworking plants
    • Quality control inspection
    • Aircraft maintenance inspection
    • Determination of heat damage
    • Verification of the age-hardening condition of aluminum used in aircraft construction
  • spiral-pipe


    Dia Range : 16″ to 120″
    Wall Thickness : 6 – 30mm
    Length : 6 – 14 m
    Material : Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
    Test Speed : 12 m / min

    Test Task

    • Weld, HAZ & pipe body inspection
    • API, Shell, Aramco & other similar specifications
    • Test mode, I, X, Oblique, Tandem, On-bead, HAZ


  • statograph-ds


    • Eddy current testing system subject to EN 12084 with digital systems technology. For automatic, high resolution, multi-channel online flaw testing components of automotive and machine industry.
    • Universal testing system, adaptable for individual applications and requirements.
    • Real-time visualization of the test process with original signal display.
    • Comprehensive test documentation for each component and each flaw.
    • Continuous monitoring of operating safety.
    • Clearance compensation with automated adjustment.
  • statograph-ecm


    • Low-cost eddy-current module for non-destructive flaw testing.
    • Processor-controlled compact unit.
    • Simple operation.
    • Test pieces sorted into two groups: o.k. / n.o.k.
    • One-dimensional display of measured value by LED bar graph.
    • Key-operated switch for locking operating functions.
  • transomat-ds


    • Standardized hardware and software for all FOERSTER test equipment of the DS family simplifies the handling.
    • Easy operation using modem touchscreen the display.
    • Network integration in existing production and quality systems.
    • Relational database for high data integrity and open interface to other applications.
  • transomat-sensor-systems


    • Maximum detection sensitivity of transverse defects for seamless and welded steel tubes according to API and ASTM.
    • Test material diameter from 26 – 440 mm.
    • State of the art filter technology and digital evaluation algorithms make possible separate measurement of inner and outer defects.
  • vertical-bench-unit

    Vertical Bench Unit

    • Suitable for inspection of Aeronautical heavy duty circular component such as Bevel Gears, Flange Rings, Hubs & Discs.
    • Non Contact magnetization, therefore finished component can be tested.
    • Output 8000 Amps FWDC & 5000 Amps AC
    • Circular, Radial & Longitudinal Magnetizing.
    • Multi Directional magnetizing using a central conductor and induced current magnetizing.
    • Rotary Turn Table for ease of inspection.
    • Maximum diameter of component can be 1000 mm. Weight up to 100 Kg.
    • Center conductor with pneumatic clamping for firm Electrical contact.
    • Available in standard as well as customized models.
    • Designed and developed as per the specifications of clients.
  • wheel-hub-tester


    • Completely automated 100% crack detection.
    • Testing of the complete external contour with NC-controlled eddy current probes.
    • Combined use of movable and rotating eddy current probes.
    • Tandem testing station with two testing stations installed in parallel.
    • Test performance approx. 240 parts per hour.
    • Automatic sorting in two groups “OK” and “NOK” with optional display of the defective test zone.
    • Documentation of the results.