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    Open Vision

    OpenVision LT-NDT is a light weight portable X-ray system for hand-held inspection. It includes a highly sensitive X-ray imager and battery-operated 70kV X-ray tube designed for portable field operation. This unit’s 4″x 6″ imaging area and realtime video allows the operator to quickly scan a range of specimen and pipe sizes. Moving the X-ray source provides a 3D perspective, and moving closer or farther from the specimen allows for increased detail resolution or field of view. Images are presented on a high-resolution 7″ LCD display or on a heads-up display mounted to a hard hat. ADV SD card recorder can be attached to the system to store the video image or capture still images.

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    SENTINEL™ DR Panel System – FXG-DR1012


    The SENTINEL™ DR Panel System, along with MultiVision HD software is designed to be used with x-ray and high energy gamma-ray isotopes. The all-in-one package is portable, user friendly and compact. The system can be used to perform radiography at the inspection site with immediate results. Your image is acquired and stored instantly.

    • Wide energy range
    • Durable
    • Thin
    • Light-weight
    • Compatible with MultiVision HD software
    • IP64 rated