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Radiography Equipments

  • IRIDIUM – 192

    Iridium-192 sources are constructed using iridium metal discs or pellets of uniform size in a welded stainless steel capsule.

  • PM-X


    • Reliable
    • Light Weight
    • Audio Alert
  • pocket_dosimeter


    • Light Weight & Compact to Fit in Pocket
    • Easy to Read, Large LCD Display
    • Loud, Audible Dose / Dose Rate Alarms
    • Wide Measurement Range
  • R1 For Source Procurement

  • radishield


    The Radishield Radiation Protection System is a patented totally encapsulated shielding system.  Its unique formulation gives flexible shielding in inaccessible and restricted applications where traditional methods of shielding are difficult to provide.  Available in flat sheets of special sizes and guide tube shields of standard and custom lengths, Radishield provides the necessary protection for any NDT company.

  • selenium_75

    SELENIUM – 75

    SELENIUM-75 sources are available in cylindrical and quasi-spherical focals, permitting shorter SFDs and greater sensitivity on fixed geometries.

    — Ideal for controlling the size of the exclusion zone during radiographic exposures at congested work sites — Optimizes image contrast on radiographic films while lower energy photons provide a better response on storage phosphor plates Provides the needed accessibility in fabrications that X-ray generators cannot access.

    Off shore oil rigs and outages at power generation plants where exposure to non-occupational workers (members of the public) is a problem.

    Self propelled pipeline crawlers (QSA Global, Inc. Model 979) and directional beam exposure devices used to perform panoramic exposures of pipelines with inner diameters down to three inches (77 mm)


  • DR-Panel-WEB2 (1)

    SENTINEL™ DR Panel System – FXG-DR1012


    The SENTINEL™ DR Panel System, along with MultiVision HD software is designed to be used with x-ray and high energy gamma-ray isotopes. The all-in-one package is portable, user friendly and compact. The system can be used to perform radiography at the inspection site with immediate results. Your image is acquired and stored instantly.

    • Wide energy range
    • Durable
    • Thin
    • Light-weight
    • Compatible with MultiVision HD software
    • IP64 rated
  • sentry_110

    Sentry 330

    The SENTINEL™ Sentry and 330 are mobile industrial radiography exposure devices for use in the field . The Sentry 330 incorporate a depleted uranium (DU) shield with an ‘S’ tube design contained within a welded stainless steel cylinder. These devices have an automatic securing mechanism that automatically secures the source assembly when retracted into the fully shielded position. Device include a handling rib assembly that helps to facilitate lifting and increases the ease of movement of the device. A key safety feature is that both the automatic securing mechanism and front port cover are protected by stainless steel tube extensions that are welded into the main body of device.

    Sentry 330
    Model Sentry 330 Authorized Contents :
    Isotope : Cobalt-60, Half Life : 5.27 Years
    Gamma Energy Range : 1.17 to 1.33 MeV
    Approximate Working Thickness for Steel: 50 to 150mm
    Device / Source Maximum Capacity : 330 Ci/12 Tbq Co-60