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  • selenium_75

    SELENIUM – 75

    SELENIUM-75 sources are available in cylindrical and quasi-spherical focals, permitting shorter SFDs and greater sensitivity on fixed geometries.

    — Ideal for controlling the size of the exclusion zone during radiographic exposures at congested work sites — Optimizes image contrast on radiographic films while lower energy photons provide a better response on storage phosphor plates Provides the needed accessibility in fabrications that X-ray generators cannot access.

    Off shore oil rigs and outages at power generation plants where exposure to non-occupational workers (members of the public) is a problem.

    Self propelled pipeline crawlers (QSA Global, Inc. Model 979) and directional beam exposure devices used to perform panoramic exposures of pipelines with inner diameters down to three inches (77 mm)


  • IRIDIUM – 192

    Iridium-192 sources are constructed using iridium metal discs or pellets of uniform size in a welded stainless steel capsule.

  • COBALT – 60

    Cobalt-60 sources are constructed using compression fused cobalt metal pellets confined within welded titanium and stainless steel capsules.


  • EECI is the pioneer private sector organization in the field of Radiography Source Supply. EECI has authorization from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) to refill Ir-192 and Se-75 sources in the Sentinel™ brand devices manufactured by QSA GLOBAL INC.
  • EECI routinely supplies Sentinel TM brand sources to customer in India.
  • Sentinel™ is reputed for quality, reliability ,safety and for manufacturing sources of better focal length.
  • Our Source Refilling Facility based at our facility in Dadra, consists of operational & security measures in accordance with the Regulatory Board requirement.
  • We ensure our standards of quality and safety assurance always apply. We have trained & qualified personnel to man our source Refilling facility.
  • EECI representative will be pleased to assist you with further information with regard to source and source refilling procedures.

Salient Features as a source supplier:

  • Short delivery time
  • Affordable pricing
  • Prompt delivery and services
  • Simple documentation procedure
  • Assistance in obtaining NOC from AERB
  • Small focal length for better images
  • Service of device prior to loading new source
  • Qualified, well trained and co-operative personnel
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